Things We Can’t Untie

What do you do when your world collapses − when the people you love fail you?

Catherine Jennings arrives in a remote New Zealand village hoping to start a new life.

But she drags the past with her, plunging Chris, and his wife Anna, into a nightmare of old secrets and sudden death.

When Anna Balfour befriends Catherine Jennings, her life changes forever. Catherine’s arrival plunges Anna and her husband, Chris, into a nightmare of old secrets and sudden death.

Anna must untangle her own feelings of betrayal and find the truth about Chris and Catherine, before she can turn and face the future.

Set in a remote village on the Hokianga Harbour in the far north of New Zealand, Things We Can’t Untie is a story of personal transformation.

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Reviews for the Kindle Edition

Things We Can't Untie - A great read

Wonderful to read a story based in New Zealand, great characters, great story, a page turner, I would highly recommend.

Wendy Bremner

Great Book

This was a very good book. Had me right from the first line. It's a touching book about people and life and relationships. You can almost feel the characters as you're reading.


A great New Zealand voice

I love history and social history in particular. I know NZ history fairly well and write about it myself. This is a modern social history novel, with deep secrets, personal trauma and the difficulties. But it is also a story of love, of friendship or rural, small town New Zealand with all its quirks and interesting characters. It's not a cliched story in any way and things go wrong before the come right and they come right in the most unlikely way. Worth reading.

Vicky Adin

Wonderful and Surprising

I am sure I bought this book for my Kindle simply because of the New Zealand setting, but once I started reading I could not set the story aside. I had no idea where it was going and was surprised at many turns. It is a moving story, with sadness, laughter, romance, sweetness, frustration, an occassional sense of fear about how things will turn out, and hope. The read was a wonderful adventure. I highly recommend it.