Drowning in Light Seas

It is New Year's Eve and Leah's Life is falling apart. Her husband, Max, is having multiple affairs and expects her to look the other way.

When she confronts him, he leaves her.

Alone and grief stricken, she stumbles into an online fantasy world where people seem fascinating and sympathetic. Her increasing addiction to this world sends her life spiralling out of control.

Reviews for the Kindle Edition

A touching story that moves you to another world

This is a touching story that pulls the heartstrings but without being gratuitously sentimental. The characters compel you into another world and with each page that world becomes richer and ever more intriguing. A great book and I can't wait to read Lesley's next publication.

Belinda Keeble

Compulsive reading

Drowning in Light Seas is compulsive reading. The story line is one that draws the reader in, with credible characters and realistic scenarios - it could be real life!! I found myself eager to discover the outcome, and was thoroughly entertained along the way. An excellent read.

Lindsey Thomas

An Excellent Read

Curnow's light touch links the everyday struggles of a woman struggling to understand the betrayals of her partner and the world into which he has plunged her. The story links the wildness of an isolated batch on the New Zealand Coast with the mystery and excitement of England. A good read and I really enjoyed the story.